Best moisturizer for oily skin maintenance


Skin maintenance is highly essential to combat with the effect of frequent indoor and outdoor activities. A continuous exposure to dust, sun rays, and pollution can make skin dry, dull, patchy, and prone to acne problems. To fight with the skin dryness, CMS beauty has designed a unique moisturizer formula, acting as the first line of defense for skin. It is developed with fresh natural herbs, synthetic chemical, and nutrients which are perfect to apply on skin without any negative impact. This item is recommended to apply as a part of day and night routine for maintaining internal and external moisture of the skin and body.

  1. Best moisturizer for oily skin

Face moisturizer is the most basic belonging of cosmetics as it is involve in skin hydration. There are multiple forms a moisturizer can be available in like cream, lotion, balm, emulsion, and ointment. Concerning the simple use and essential need of this product, beauticians and cosmeticians have devised moisturizing items for different types of skins. CMS Beauty has introduced best moisturizer for oily skin to regulate the high oil production of the skin. Another feather in the cap in terms of achieving moist skin, this beauty product helps to decrease the sebum level of the skin which is a successful win of less oily skin.

Best moisturizer for oily skin is created with a formula that is light, fast absorbing, and best-suited for non-clogging skins. There are three ingredients which make this product efficient for use in day and night skincare routine which are

  • Occlusive agents offer moisturizing effect by forming a hydrophobic film on the skin
  • Humectants keep skin hydrated by extracting water from the lower to the uppermost layer of epidermis of the skin
  • Emollients helps to smoothen the skin texture


  1. Best drugstore moisturizer in Pakistan

Pharmacies and drugstores are the perfect spot to look out for the best beauty and cosmetic collections according to the preferences, skin complexions and tones, and cosmetic treatments. Best drugstore moisturizer in Pakistan has 100% authentic relaxing, soothing, nourishing, and hydrating feel to the skin which is naturally-made without addition of chemical agents. The varieties of options in moisturizer category are suitable for application in all seasons and weathers, helping to combat skin issues effectively. These are generally hydro boost gels which have the swift action on dehydrated, patchy, dry, and cracked skin types.

Best drugstore moisturizer in Pakistan is one of the finest ways to select the best product that matches your skin and its needs. Majorly the moisturizing items are based on water-like serum which is the calming base for facial and body skin. The derma care offer quality and instant plump of glow and shine to the skin by deep cleansing of the superficial and suspended contaminants. Moisturizer can be termed as the first aid for skin for luminous skin foundation and protection. Glycerin and SPF are two common ingredients often found in preparation of most of the drugstore moisturizing products.

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