Skincare products essential for new moms


The maternity journey is an experience unmatchable and unforgettable for females, however, the period is not the same for everyone. There are to be mothers that have an enjoyable phase of their pregnancy, still, there is a substantial ratio of ladies who have a rough and tough pregnancy. These maternity extremities are referred mainly to the body changes a female goes through during 9 months, the remains of which are left over for quite some time. Stretch and body marks are prime examples of the morphological changes in the female’s body. CMS Beauty has come up with cosmetic products like 3 to 9 massage lotions and Rinkol Post-natal firming lotions that are essential for new moms. In addition to these, items like FAMIWASH and Nipcare ointment are other important maternity accessories that are utilized by women pre and post-pregnancy times.

  1. Best stretch mark cream

Becoming a mother is a blessing but the journey can be painful in many ways. Some females experience a tough 9 months of pregnancy while some endure the post-partum effects in the body’s hormones and morphology. Stretch marks are one of the commonest issues faced by females in their last stages of pregnancy or right after giving birth. Rinkol Post-natal firming lotion is currently the best stretch mark cream solution which can be massaged over the marks found near the waist and pelvic region of the body. This will surely help a lot to ease and heal the pain aroused from stretch marks.

Another cosmetic item, 3 to 9 massaging lotion is a moisturizing agent often recommended by gynecologists to apply as a skincare product from the 3rd to the 9th month of pregnancy. This cream is applied to areas in the body that are more vulnerable to stretch marks like around the abdomen, thighs, legs, hips, breasts, and waist.

  1. Stretch marks removal cream

Body nourishment is highly stressed during pregnancy; this involves both diet and external body skin rejuvenation. Stretch marks are the leftover indented streaks in the pectoral and pelvic regions of the body. Personal care product like stretch marks removal cream has been proven to be effective and curable in terms of mild to painful stretch marks. Rinkol Post-natal firming lotion is an example of such lotion available. This helps to fade away the marks quickly allowing ladies to enjoy their mark-free bodies like before. The direct effect of this cream is on the elasticity and marks which can be gradually seen from 6 to 12 months.

Stretch marks removal cream takes time to act and the process is slow; however, the duration can vary from female to female. The darker the marks, the healing effect of the cream will take time. Generally, marks with purple color are deeper and often predict some hormonal disorders from the stretch mark’s appearance. CMS Beauty devised a formula of stretch mark removal cream essential for moms consisting of Vitamin A and E, glycerin, cocoa, Aloe Vera gel, butter, and other oils compatible with the female skin.

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