Sunscreen for sensitive and oily skin


Are you struggling with dull and dry skin or are afraid of stepping out for outdoor engagements because of skin issues? So, here is the solution to your problem. CMS beauty has a new sunscreen product for skin protection. This is a lotion and cream-based cosmetic which grace facial skin in the most protective and preventive manner. The protectant factors added as an ingredient offers the maximum relief and soothing feel to the dry, sore, patchy, and cracked skins. This is a non-sticky and non-greasy product that promotes healthy and glowing skin even after constant sun exposure.

1.     Best sunscreen for face

Sunscreen protectant factor (SPF) is a creamy lotion that is an essential skincare accessory which aids in maintaining good skin health and beauty. People with constant outdoor activities and jobs have complaints of dull and dark skin. This makes the overall personality and complexion unappealing and unhealthy. Therefore, CMS Beauty like other beauty brands has invented the best sunscreen for face for preventing sunburn, skin pigmentation, and premature aging. It is the easiest, most affordable, and safe mode to protect skin at earliest before moving out. Best sunscreen for face are developed in two types which are

  • Chemical-based sunscreen
  • Mineral-based sunscreen


2.     Best sunscreen for sensitive skin

Facial skin is non-stop exposed to environment. Skin has the most danger from the harmful rays coming from the sun affecting the skin color, tone, and complexion. Best sunscreen for sensitive skin is to lower the probabilities of sun-related skin sensitivities. This one cosmetic product is best to be used as a part of the morning rituals. Best sunscreen for sensitive skin is recommended by dermatologists to be safe for face, neck, arms, and legs with only 1 ounce of sunscreen enough for application. The most special content in this sunscreen is zinc oxide as it leaves a matte and smooth hydrate effect on skin. Apart from the regular outdoors, there are two conditions in which best sunscreen for sensitive skin people are suggested. Swimming and frequent sweating often require SP15 or SP30 sunscreens.

3.     Sunscreen for oily skin

Sunscreen is a beauty product which can be clearly defined as cosmetic protection aid to different types of skins. People with oily skin complications are blessed with sunscreen for oily skin by CMS Beauty which acts as a barrier for UV reaching skin. This one is extremely light on skin, non-sticky, non-greasy, and fast-absorbing, intensely hydrating, and reflecting on skin. Thus, in a single shot this sunscreen offer dual action. There are three basic types of sunscreen for oily skin which are as follow

  • Water-based sunscreen
  • Gel-based sunscreen
  • Oil-free sunscreen

Oily skin means that the person has hyperactive sebaceous glands producing extra skin oil. Environmental aggressors also have significant impact on skin to accelerate oil generation from skin, so sunscreen protection is a valid cosmetician formula. CMS Beauty proposed sunscreen for oily skin is supplemented by SPF content that make the product

  • Non-irritant
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Have brilliant skin coverage
  • Have excellent photo-protection.
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